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Monks Receiving Alms, Luang PrabangMount Phu Phra, Vang ViengWat Drum, Thanoun Village, MekongWat Wisunarat, Luang PrabangPha That Luang, VientianePak Ou Caves, Mekong RiverMekong River
Patuxal (Arc de Triomphe), VientianeMorning Market, Luang PrabangBoat Park at Pakbeng, Mekong RiverTat Kuang Si WaterfallsSunset, Vang ViengTham Chang Caves, Vang ViengPhu Si, Luang Prabang
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Laos' isolation from foreign influence offers travellers an unparalleled glimpse of traditional Southeast Asian life. From the fertile lowlands of the Mekong River valley to the rugged Annamite highlands, Laos is the highlight of Southeast Asia.

Enigmatic and relatively undeveloped, Laos bears the dubious distinction of being the most bombed country in history. However, it is gradually emerging from its tumultuous recent history thanks to a combination of foreign aid, a growing ecotourism industry, and its charming, philosophical people.

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