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Devil's Slide, Lundy IslandMS Oldenberg arriving at LundyDevil's Slide from the seaLanding Beach and Rat IslandCrux move, Devil's Slide (HS)Diamond Solitaire (VS)The Old Light, the Highest Point on Lundy
Preparing to abseil to a climbIce (E2), First Buttress NorthLooking south from The Old LightCrux move, Devil's Slide (HS)Third pitch, Devil's Slide (HS)Road Runner (VS), First Buttress NorthSt Helena's Church, The Marisco Tavern and Lundy Village
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Lundy Island   |   Rock Climbing

Lundy Island is a small, very beautiful island in the Bristol Channel, some twenty kilometres west of the Devon coast. The island of Lundy, although only only five kilometres long and two kilometres across at its widest point, is sited on major bird migrating routes, is well known for its fauna and flora owing to its biogeographical isolation, is a sub-aqua and snorkel enthusiasts paradise, an entomologist's dream and possesses one of the most impressive rock climbing coastlines in Britain.

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